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In our Coed Fun team women and men play together Slowpitch softball. Slowpitch softball is a variant where  the pitcher doesn't throw the ball with the highest possible speed. In contrast to fastpitch softball the ball is thrown slowly and in a high arc. This variant of softball is ideal for beginners as they will quickly experience success in hitting.

Our grassroots offer is aimed at people who just have pleasure in movement in community with others. As the name suggests Fun team, the joy in the game is in the foreground. For parents of children who play in the youth teams, the Fun team offers a good opportunity to try our sport once yourself. The team is not playing in regulated gaming operations, but occasionally takes part in national and international invitation tournaments.

Fun Team Coed Softball 2015

Practice Times

Summer ( April - October )
Mo : 18:00 - 20:00, Team Practice, Cougars Ballpark , Field 2
Fr : 18:00 - 20:00, Team Practice, Cougars-Ballpark , Field 3


Simone Brand, Team Manager, Try Out Practice

Game Reports

Am Samstag den 20.02.2016 fanden die BWBSV Indoor-Meisterschaften im Baseball und Softball statt. Die Karlsruher Cougars traten mit drei Teams an. Dem Juniorinnen Softball Team, dem Damen Softball...

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Am letzten Wochenende, den 06.02 und dem 07.02 fand in Ladenburg der Römercup statt. Gespielt wurde Baseball bzw. Softball in der Halle. Jedes Team spielte jeweils mit sechs Feldspielern in der...

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